06-23-2019 11:00 am -02:00 pm
PS 183 - Robert Louis Stevenson School
PS 183 - Robert Louis Stevenson School
419 E 66th St, New York, NY 10065, USA
Sunday Play N Go™ USCF Rated Meets - Season VIII  <br/>

League Play (drop in players permitted)

(3) Rounds, Players are paired in "Quads" starting with the (4) highest USCF rated players based on their current rating and continuing down to new and unrated players. *Unrated players will be matched by age, eldest to youngest, and receive a USCF provisional rating immediately following the play. (fun stuff!) Once the matches are complete, Players have a 5 minute grace period to begin their next game. Players leave upon the completion of their (3) scheduled matches. Participants will earn points, (2) per win, (1.5) per draw and (1) for each game played. The Top 20 Point Earners (beginners and advanced) qualify for the Ca$h Prize Challenge at the end of each season.

**Same school students will be separated by request at check in whenever possible**

$36.00 72