New York City Chess Inc.

New York City Chess Inc.

by Michael Propper New York City Chess Inc. Director

Since 2008, Chess NYC has established itself as the leader in Chess excellence and education. The Chess NYC philosophy is to emphasize the sport and fun of Chess...Providing engaging, accelerated instruction followed by supervised, spirited play, each student associates Chess with fun, and therefore larger numbers of them ultimately excel or at least become proficient in the great, significant, game of Chess...From there?... Excellence!

From Absolute Beginners to Championship Programs...And Everything in between, Chess NYC boasts the very best in tailored Programs for everyone!

Chess NYC Programs overflow with supervision, providing special attention to those with greater commitment levels to chess, as well as those who need an extra boost. These practices are just a couple of the advantages of this effective(Chess) Fun! That and great play assures that we send Kids home well rounded, effective chess players everyday.

Introducing and developing "game" is just the start. Learning how "compete against yourself" is the first, true measurement of success but loving and winning Chess, is indeed the goal.

From there Chess NYC provides guidance toward career possibilities that open up as a result of their "prowess on the board".

Our Partner, New York City Chess Services Inc. is a Non Profit 501(c)3 that assists in generating funding so that Chess NYC can provide Chess enrichment "across the great economic divide" and into Communities in need.

A full service Community of Chess Players and Coaches, Chess NYC's reach expands exponentially year after year.