Play N Go™ Chess Meets

Open to All Levels

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Tournament participation is an important part of a chess player's advancement and enjoyment of the game. Chess NYC Play N Go Meets afford Players an opportunity to play with "like skilled" opponents in a structured tournament environment and prepare for major Events. These weekly Events are an experience that motivates improvement and creates even more focused students.

Head Start Junior events take place just before all the action for beginning players; including Instruction and Play... Sunday Mornings (9:00 - 10:30 AM)

Stress Free & Focused - "A more rational, supportive, productive and focused playing environment promotes a greater sporting, educational and enriching experience...We're grooming the very best Chess Players in NYC!"

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Play N Go™ Season VI Final Standings Sunday

Play N Go™ Season VII Standings Tuesday

Play N Go™ Season VII Standings Friday

Play N Go™ Season VII Standings Saturday

Play N Go™ Season VII Standings Sunday