FM Ikrom Ibrohimov

FM Ikrom Ibrohimov

2. At the age of 4-5 by watching my grandfather play his friends (according to my grandfather). However; I started to officially learn chess and get taught relatively late, at the age of 10-11

3. Easy pick for me: Opening preparation. It has always fascinated me to see Kasparov come up with great opening novelties.

4. Beating Grandmaster Neverov Valeriy at the age of 16. It was my first victory ever against a GM. After that experience I just got more confident playing chess knowing that I can beat anyone in chess!

5. Teaching a group of 30 kids in Moscow at once and keeping every single one of them focused and interested for good 2 hours. It was a great feeling. That experience helped me realize that I just LOVE teaching chess. I never stopped and looked back after that.

6. I love all water related activities: swimming, beach, water parks. Also love reading books about psychology of kids. Can multiply any 2-3 digit numbers in my head. Will probably know a lot about Italian soccer(football) team and FC Barcelona (big fan of Leo Messi)