Raphaelle DeBenedetti

Raphaelle DeBenedetti

1. Raphaƫlle Debenedetti (a.k.a. Coach Rapha)

2. I learnt before I was 2 at the beach in the South West of France with my Dad!

What I love most about chess is its marriage between rigour and creativity. A great chess player must both study games, openings/defenses, but also understand how to create space and adapt to different situations.

The first time I sat down at Union square, an older man challenged me to play and claimed that he would "be humbled if he lost against a woman."Twenty minutes later and ten more chess players looking over the game, my adversary admitted that he had just learned a lesson of humility!

Genesis simply did not care for the game of chess. We sat down during one of the in class tournaments and talked about chess and different strategical openings. Throughout the year, Genesis went on to win four medals and a trophy and is nowvery comfortable playing with different openings and defenses!

I love surfing. Though I don't get the opportunity to do so all year long, surfing is a sport that I wish I could practice everyday. I learnt how to surf a few meters away from my first chess lesson, in the South West of France!