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Fun & Training Camps 

Chess NYC‘s policy of “Chess Should be Fun” truly prevails for these cool days of Fun & Training™ Camp! From Chess Leaders to Grand Master, these Camps are sure to captivate, motivate and generate chess players. Each child will receive as much “Chess time” as they like while enjoying mind clearing fun, cooling and break opportunities.

Overflowing with supervision, special attention to those with greater commitment levels to chess, as well as those who need an extra boost are a few of the advantages of this (Chess) Fun! That and great play send Kids home well rounded, effective chess players. Three hours of Chess activities are threaded through each full 8 hour day, led by Chess NYC‘s Championship Coaching Staff. But that’s just the beginning of these great Fun & Training™ Camps! Outdoor fun, water play, sports and other activities thrill (coax where necessary) and prepare attendees for the next upcoming Chess activities. Light Cartoons are optional based on parents’ preferences and other fun activities will be available instead.

Of course, Chess is always available (and even encouraged) and young Chess enthusiasts play much more (some of our kids are very, very advanced) the alternative, FUN activities, Pizza and Ice Cream, etc. ensures they’ll ALL keep coming back! From absolute beginners to advanced players, Chess NYC’s philosophy is to engage each child on their individual level and appetite to play. This approach successfully minimizes resistance and maximizes progress and…as a result…everyone associates Chess with Fun! At the end of a great day, they’ve had @ least 3 hours of Chess!… A week? 15 hours…A month? 60 hours! Prop(p)er dosage for all.

TAG Grandmaster Inspired™ Chess (Competitive Edge Camps)

An even more competitive and sporting environment for Chess players promises to be life-changing for those committed to play. While still Chess NYC FUN, this is a serious one, only those committed to successfully competing in the game of Chess should enroll in this more rigorous opportunity. Day to day coaching will be provided by World Class Coaching, a host of other Masters, Candidate Masters and Super Expert Chess NYC Coaches! Exciting special guests stop by too! A day or week of rigorous coaching, even a full Summer of Chess play and social time will prepare everyone to be their very (Chess) best and provide a decided edge on the competition…Guaranteed.

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Our Summer STE(A)M Careers camp motivates all students to further their education in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math by exploring nine different ‘careers’. For children ages 4 to 10. 100% of CDC/DOH guidelines followed by Fully Vaccinated Professionals
* – Each day participants will enjoy one hour of chess activities.

Camp starts May 31st, 2021

Week 1: Robotics
Week 2: Electrical Engineers
Week 3: Future Doctors
Week 4: Architects
Week 5: Shark Tank Week!
Week 6: Freelance Travel Photographers

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