Jose Rodas Arroyo

The newest member of our Customer Service Team , Jose is a 4th-year student at NYU studying Education Studies and a mainstay in the Club, Village Chess @Zinc.

Brian Arthur

A Candidate Master, “Brian A” was a member of a High School National Championship team…While playing on a MIDDLE school team! Coach Brian, a former Chess NYC student, has brought his enthusiasm, team-orientation, and ability to engage students to Chess NYC coaching. Coach Brian has 8+ years of experience in Chess excellence.

John Barriga

Coach John’s interpersonal skills are evident when it comes to teaching children about Chess, making them crave to become solid masters of the game. For over two years now, Coach John has been with Chess NYC, developing strong bonds with his students, bringing his 16+ years Chess experience to the table. His favorite memory is when Coach John played Grandmaster Susan Polgar in a simul at the Friars club! Despite his deep background in Chess, Coach John believes that he still has much to learn in Chess, which he will, and pass on the knowledge to his pupils.

Becca Brett

A 4.0 NYU student, Coach Becca has been with Chess NYC since 2017. Both a coach “in the field” and a “behind-the-scenes” administrative assistant, Coach Becca is a valued member of the Chess NYC family! Her favorite chess memory was teaching 4 year olds the Spanish and French openings and then watching them crush their (much older) opponents @ Play N’ Go!

Laura Charette

Coach Laura has been with Chess NYC for multiple years. Her acting background (and face-painting skills) allows her to bring creative and innovative methods to the classroom. Her favorite memory was teaching Pre-K students to use a timer to promote focused chess play. They “took to it” surprisingly fast and well! They laughingly nicknamed the clock “Mr. Timer” and had a blast! (whatever works, right?)

Meng Nan Chen

Coach Meng attended the famed IS 318 and holds multiple National Titles including 2013 Grade Nationals (7th Grade), 2014 Grade Nationals (8th Grade), 2014 All Girls Nationals 14U, and 2015 All Girls Nationals 14U. Her young age allows her to relate and connect with our younger students! She has worked for Chess NYC for over 2 years now.

Samantha Dong

Coach Samantha began as a student here and now boasts a year of experience working with Chess NYC! Coach Samantha is quite the competitive star! She won the All Girls Nationals 14U in 2015 and took 1st place at the 13th Susan Polgar Foundation World Open for Boys and Girls last year earning her a full ride college scholarship. Her favorite memory is going to the Grade Nationals in Disney World (of course lol).

Stephen Eckelmann

Coach Stephen has been with Chess NYC for 3 years, a Team Leader @ Camps, Private Coach and Classroom Teacher. Stephen is an invaluable asset to Chess NYC and Families alike. Coach Stephen is also on our basketball team! His favorite memory is when his high school team won All-State chess in Oregon, 2009 🙂