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  • Who Is This Chess NYC?

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    New York, NY - July 3, 2018 - Chess NYC was started by a frustrated chess enthusiast who saw how stagnant and suffocating the chess community could be. He soon brought in Michael Propper and Chess NYC was born. The goal is to learn how amazing, and exciting, the game of chess really is!

    They could see why this would be difficult with the strict chess environment and the common misconception that chess is boring dragging down that goal. (If you know the game, there are fewer more exciting activities...If you don’t? Few are more boring lol)

  • New Program 2018

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    Chess NYC's newest program led by our highest ranking Middle School and High Schoolers! Chess NYC has been breaking boundaries since it’s beginning in 2008. With a new philosophy for the chess world, Chess NYC is constantly bringing in new ideas and new programs to keep the chess world in motion. Chess NYC’s peer mentoring program is that next big step forward! The older peers are students who have excelled in Chess NYC’s program. They are in Middle School and High School and their high rankings qualify them for this program!

  • Chess NYC Storms Amateurs

    620x420 meets

    Four awesome, purple-representing teams played in the name of Chess NYC at the Amateur Team Tournament in Parsippany, New Jersey this past weekend for President’s Day. With 315 four-person teams in attendance, there was no shortage of people at the East Tournament! The West, North, and South were similarly well attended.

    One (major and awesome!) difference between this chess tournament and others is that the Amateur Team Tournament allows you to sign up anyone for a team.

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