Chess NYC has announced a strategic alliance with Fide Master Justus Williams

Justus Williams Chess

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Current Chess Accomplishments

  • Featured on TMZ - Watch
  • 2015 12th Grade National Champion
  • 2013 All American Team
  • Qualified for the 2013 World Youth Championship in United Arab Emirates
  • 2013 Junior Open Champion
  • 2013 U.S. Cadet Champion and 4 year scholarship winner to UMBC
  • Earned IM Norm in the North American Event
  • Earned title of FM (now he’s FM Justus Williams)
  • Tied for first in North American Championship
  • Tied for first in 10th grade nationals
  • Earned invite to prestigious 2014 Junior Closed event in St. Louis
  • Made the United States All American Team 3 Times (2010,2011,2012)
  • 2012 USCF National Champion, 9th Grade
  • U1600 Winner 4+ times at the historical Marshall Chess Club
  • Honored at the Historical Marshall Chess Club as the “Future of Chess!!
  • Member of the Unites States Chess League with phenomenal GMs and IM (team won 2011)
  • Featured in “Xtreme Chess” – mini-series covering the top scholastic chess players in the country
  • Represented the United States 4 times in Brazil (2), Greece (1) , Montreal (1)
  • Invited to Johannesburg, South Africa to teach chess at the Capricorn School
  • Currently made MSNBC”s “Top 100 Black Celebrities” list (Number 40)
  • 2010 K6 Elementary Chess Champion (Atlanta)
  • 2009 Empire state chess champion (adult tournament) (Saratogo Springs)
  • Received special invitation to numerous United States Chess Schools (attended 5)
  • Founder of the “Dare to Be Different Foundation”
  • 2012 Winner of the Sneakers for Scholars Competition (Brooklyn)
  • Featured in Documentary film titled “Brooklyn Castle”, which is due for release this summer.
  • 2012 Featured National Master of CHESS NYC, New York City leader in Chess Development and Achievement.

"By partnering with the Ballard-Williams Family, Chess NYC can support Justus with the best Coaching and support available en route to even greater (Chess) achievement than his already miraculous accomplishments," said Chess NYC Director Russ Makofsky.


"Even more," added Chess NYC Co-Director Michael Propper, "having Justus spend time with us in youth events and training, other aspiring Masters will be afforded exposure to Justus' exemplary performance, skill level and inspiring citizenship."


"We are very, very proud of Justus," said the beaming Mom, Latisha Ballard, "and believe by aligning Justus with the fine, focused, and thoughtful leadership of Michael and Russ that we are providing Justus with every advantage the very best opportunity to reach the top of the Chess world."

Justus will be a familiar face around Chess NYC including camps, tournaments, simuls, and much more!

Check the below video of Justus Williams at Chess NYC Featured on msnbc!



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* For more information on Justus Williams and the  "Dare to Be Different Foundation" email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.